Series 4

The 4 Series forklifts are proven with their successful design and the most modern hydraulics and electrical/electronic system on the market.

  • One of the strongest constructions
  • Easy access for service
  • Reliable hydraulic system
  • Low service costs

Series 4 are consisted of 8 different models designed for different capacities. Every forklift is privileged with:

  • Equipment
  • Economy, parts and maintenance
  • Reliability

Lifting equipment specifications

Longer life – long overlap with a fixed size during the lifting process. Results – low voltage level in the lifting equipment and a longer life. The lifting equipment is made of special steel – 30Mn5, compared to other brands that use standard steel – S355.


Better construction – the lifting cylinders behind the steel section provide extended view for the driver and a better load on the steel section. Other brands place the cylinders outside the steel sections and this damages the fast lifting. The positions of the chains are close to the steel sections and also make lower voltage in the lifting equipment also for more sight.

Series 3
Series 3 forklifts have DANA or OMCI drive axle with a double reduction device for a spiral bevel, primary and planetary secondary hub.
  • Excellent visibility
  • Modern 4 or 6 cylinder diesel engine
  • High performance
  • Low fuel consumption


Series 3 have a drive axle that is equipped with disc brakes that operate in an oil bath. The Series 3 forklifts have:

  • Adjustable seat with suspension to ensure a high level comfort for the driver

  • All measuring instruments and dimensions are on the adjustable steering column

  • Panoramic windows, providing excellent view, adjustable wipers speed

Series DRT

The DRT series forklifts have a strong mast and its construction ensures maximum load stability for mast rigidity at full lifting height.

  • The load distribution is even
  • Cover the recommendations for exhaust emissions and noise level
  • High performance
  • Low fuel consumption

The DRT series offer perfect driver visibility and a 3-speed forward and 3-reverse hydrodynamic transmission. It has:

  • Panoramic windows
  • Slope speed valve

  • Equipment that makes lifting and lowering the truck extremely easy